Law Enforcement Training & Seminars

Attorney Daigle has devoted his career to representing, counseling, and advising law enforcement personnel. As a litigator, trainer, and consultant, he utilizes his knowledge and experience to provide entertaining and informative “real-life” training. The purpose of such training is to provide the students with the tools necessary to operate under current police practices, and provides resources to assist the students to make better decisions and document their actions.

The Daigle Law Group is dedicated to meeting the training needs of your Department. We will work with your Department to tailor a training program on multiple topics of Law Enforcement operations. These topics include:

  • explaining law enforcement and supervisory liability;
  • teaching use of force standards and electronic control weapon liability;
  • managing and conducting use of force investigations;
  • managing Internal Affairs investigations and police discipline;
  • explaining current trends in police operations, including social media, expectation of privacy, and First Amendment rights;
  • instructing regarding tactical operations liability and canine operations;
  • explaining 911 dispatcher liability, active shooter response, and dealing with difficult people;
  • teaching Basic Training academy training.


Attorney Daigle is an instructor for multiple nationally-renowned organizations, including:
FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (
Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths (
Municipal Police Institute (

Attorney Daigle is available to conduct, and has conducted, training seminars on many different topics at conferences of multiple professional associations, including:

  • The Connecticut Association of Women Police,
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police,
  • Connecticut Chiefs of Police Association,
  • FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association,
  • New England Chiefs of Police Association,
  • Association of Contingency Planners, Workplace Violence Seminar,
  • Rhode Island, Department of Public Safety,
  • Massachusetts Chief of Police Association,
  • Maine Chief of Police Association, and
  • Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Death.

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