Legal Services

Daigle Law Group is a leading law firm specializing in management consulting services in support and development of effective and constitutional policing practices.

Municipal Services

Daigle Law Group focuses much of its practice on providing governmental entities with a valuable resource in all areas of risk assessment, constitutional based training and policy development, along with proper supervision requirements. As consultants for large and small governmental agencies, our firm assists and advises public officials and boards concerning their day-to-day operations and litigation needs. Our firm handles all aspects of government operations, including General Counsel, Policy & Procedure Development, Operational Management Studies, Litigation Defense, Internal Investigations, and Labor and Employment Matters.

Business Services

The Daigle Law Group also represents companies of various sizes and organizational structures. We are dedicated to working with our business clients to advise and guide them through legal issues relating to their business operations. As outside General Counsel, we handle many types of legal issues that arise throughout our clients’ company life cycle, including growth and organization, employment law issues, and corruption detection and prevention.

As General Counsel, we provide corporate transactional services, such as preparing and negotiating contracts with vendors, suppliers, and distributors. We also handle commercial litigation relating to the infringement of intellectual property rights, employment law claims, breach of contract, and other commercial disputes. We are dedicated to building and maintaining a partnership with our clients to best serve their interests. Attorney Daigle currently serves as General Counsel for the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, and the New England Tactical Officers’ Association.

Law Enforcement Consultant / Legal Advisor

The Legal Advisor Program was designed to provide resources and guidance to Police Executives in multiple areas of a Law Enforcement Operation. Our firm is dedicated to forming a partnership with the management of police departments to work with them to maintain a proper standard of law enforcement operation. The scope of this advisement includes: researching and analyzing legal issues that affect day-to-day operation; monitoring department field procedures and operations to assure compliance with legal requirements; monitoring and advising Police Chiefs of current court decisions and legislation affecting the operations, practices, and policies of Police Departments; attending staff meetings of Police Chiefs to provide advice and interpretation on legal issues; reviewing all existing and proposed policies and procedures, orders, manuals and training bulletins to determine legal sufficiency and proper police practices; working with command staff to develop and update operational policies where needed to maintain current law enforcement standards; responding to high liability field situations, including those involving the use of deadly force; and reviewing the curriculum of training programs. We believe Police Managers have a difficult responsibility and need to have available experienced advisors to provide opinions that they can utilize and rely upon to make informed decisions on the operation of their departments. We can provide such advice.

Investigative Services

Utilizing the experience of Attorney Daigle, our investigative team has experience conducting internal affairs, criminal, corporate, and due diligence investigations. Whether to prepare for litigation or to ensure a thorough and quality investigation, the Daigle Law Group will utilize subject matter experts to address our clients’ needs properly. Our investigative personnel are experienced in managing an investigation; implementing interview and interrogation techniques; and identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence, including electronic media and records recovery. Investigations can range from policy violations, fraud, theft, embezzlement, harassment in the work place, risk mitigation, and due diligence. The Daigle Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that our team of investigators works with our clients to meet their needs and expectations.

Policy & Procedure Development

Law enforcement operational standards dictate that police departments develop and maintain sound and proper policies and procedures. Utilizing the expertise of Attorney Daigle, we work with clients to analyze the risks associated with their current policies and, through a process of examination, work to develop sound policies based on the principles of proper law enforcement standards. We encourage involvement in the process with many different resources in the department to ensure not only that the policies are sound, but that personnel understand and have confidence in them. We can review and revise individual department policies, or conduct a complete policy manual review and revision. The Daigle Law Group is committed to work with the command staff of any police department to ensure that its policies meet its needs.

Criminal Defense

The Daigle Law Group utilizes its experience in criminal investigation to protect clients who have been arrested, are facing arrest, or are under criminal investigation. We are dedicated to aggressively defending and protecting the rights of our clients at all stages of their criminal defense. Our firm has represented clients in both State and Federal Courts, and have defended a wide range of crimes. The defense of our clients is enhanced by the law enforcement experience of our principle Eric P. Daigle, who has worked in law enforcement for many years.

Expert Witness

Lawsuits brought against police often require an expert who has knowledge, training, and experience in the management and operation of a police department. In these lawsuits, allegations of negligent operations or constitutional violations require testimony from an expert to establish the necessary standards for supervision, training, internal affairs investigations, criminal investigations, detention, arrest, search and seizure, and use of force. As a law enforcement trainer, litigator, and consultant to law enforcement operations, Attorney Daigle has provided expert opinions on police standards and current police practices. Attorney Daigle is available to discuss matters needing support by expert testimony.