Law Enforcement Legal Advisor

The Legal Advisor Program was designed to provide resources and guidance to Police Executives in multiple areas of a Law Enforcement Operation.  Our firm is dedicated to forming a partnership with the management of police departments to work with them to maintain a proper standard of law enforcement operation.  The scope of this advisement includes: researching and analyzing legal issues that affect day-to-day operation; monitoring department field procedures and operations to assure compliance with legal requirements; monitoring and advising Police Chiefs of current court decisions and legislation affecting the operations, practices, and policies of Police Departments; attending staff meetings of Police Chiefs to provide advice and interpretation on legal issues; reviewing all existing and proposed policies and procedures, orders, manuals and training bulletins to determine legal sufficiency and proper police practices; working with command staff to develop and update operational policies where needed to maintain current law enforcement standards; responding to high liability field situations, including those involving the use of deadly force; and reviewing the curriculum of training programs. We believe Police Managers have a difficult responsibility and need to have available experienced advisors to provide opinions that they can utilize and rely upon to make informed decisions on the operation of their departments. We can provide such advice.

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