Eric R. Atstupenas

Attorney / Consultant

Eric Atstupenas presently serves as the General Counsel for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.  He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Eric comes from a law enforcement family and has a passion for the advancement of the law enforcement profession and those in it.  He has spent his career immersing himself in all areas of the law which impact law enforcement professionals.  He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police — Legal Officers Section, associate member of the New England Association of Chiefs of Police and Central Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the Municipal Police Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training to law enforcement in Massachusetts.

Eric is the author of several law enforcement training materials and has been published in the Police Chief magazine, a monthly publication by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  He has also provided training to law enforcement executives on a variety of topics germane to the profession and has appeared as a speaker at conferences across the country. Eric has also worked extensively with Daigle Law Group, LLC as a law enforcement consultant and trainer.


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