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Police Pursuits: Managing Risk and Providing Accountability with a Well-Drafted Pursuit Policy

• Secondary Employment Concerns: Renting a Cop

• SCOTUS: Definition of Hate Speech and Other Important Developments under the First Amendment

• SCOTUS on Foreiture: How the Federal Statute Operates When Two or More Defendants Act as Part of Conspiracy 

• SCOTUS: 9th Circuit “Provocation Rule” is an Unwarranted and Illogical Expansion of Graham v. Connor 

• SCOTUS: Pre-Trial Detentions Can Be Challenged on Fourth Amendment Grounds

• SCOTUS: First Amendment Considerations Should Require States to Prove Intent to Sustain Threat Convictions

• Use of Force and Incident Reports Are Not Compelled Reports

• To Stop or Not to Stop…Recent Trends in Terry Stops and Pat-Downs

• LEOSA State by State: Why are Retired Police Officers Having Problems?

• Ruling by U.S. Supreme Court Could Reduce Lawsuits against Officers

Body-Worn Cameras: Legal Issues: The Good, The Bad, and Watching the Video in Use of Force Investigations: Relevant Memory Research

• Mental Illness Response: The Need to Follow Policy and Training

• Supreme Court Says Police May Use Evidence Found after Illegal Stops

• Drafting a Policy: Interactions with Transgender Persons

• Use of Force: Does Policy Matter?

• Is More Training Really the Answer?

• Use of the Electronic Control Weapon: Is the Standard Changing

Teaching the New Constitutional Pre-Trial Detainee Standard: “The End of the Legal Twilight Zone”

• Why the United Kingdom’s “National Decision Making Model” For Force is Not a Viable Option

• Connecticut Open Carry Update 2016

• President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

• Ethics, Integrity, Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice – Necessary Training Required

• SCOTUS- Mullenix v. Luna

POTUS Orders Reduction of  Military-Style Equipment for Law Enforcement Agencies

• Ferguson Crowd Control After Action Report: Summary of Findings and Lessons Learned

• What happened to the Perception of the Officer, Watching the Video

• Developing a Policy/Procedure Manual and Meeting Accreditation Standards

• Kingsley-Use of Force Standards Defined as to Pre-Trial Detainees: Guidance on Objective Reasonable Standards

• Hotel Operators Not Required to Turn Over Guest Records on Demand

Rodriguez v. United States – Extension of a Traffic Stop for Canine Use

DOJ Findings in Ferguson – Is this a Blueprint?

Ebola Response – Is your Agency Ready

Carroll v. Carman- Knock and Talk

Narcan-izing Law Enforcement Agencies

2014 United States Supreme Court Cases

A Camera and a Badge – Implementing Body-Worn Cameras

Riley & Wurie – USSC  Search a Cell Phone Incident to Lawful Arrest? Get a Warrant!

Plumhoff v. Rickard – USSC approves Deadly Force to Stop Pursuit

Navarette v. California- Does An Anonymous Call Support Reasonable Suspicion

Fernandez v California – Removal of an Objector During a Consent Search

Path to Rebuilding your Police Department Takes ACTion

Your Department is Only as Good as your Weakest Supervisor

Stanton v. Sims – Constitutionality of Officer’s Warrantless Entry Based on a Misdemeanor

Private Emails Are Not So Private For Government Employee

Courts Limit Cell Phone Searches Incident to Arrest

Suspect Must Speak to Invoke Fifth Amendment Protection

Court Upholds Maryland Statute Requiring DNA Samples

Officer Involved Shootings – How are Courts Analyzing the Use of Deadly Force?

Multiple Applications of Electronic Control Weapon(s) – Attempt to Control or Punitive Measures?

Bailey v. U.S. – Supreme Court Limits Detention During Search Warrant Execution

Recording of Officers Increases- Has Your Agency Set The Standards for Liability Protection?

Warrantless Searches of Cellular Telephones Part I Ensuring Fourth Amendment Protection

Warrantless Searches of Cellular Telephones Part II Ensuring Fourth Amendment Protection

ADA – Do You Have a Policy For That

• Florida v. Harris: Supreme Court Supports Use of Canines as Sufficient Probable Cause

Cell Phone Use – You Want My What

Garrity – To Give or Not To Give – That is the Question

2011-2012 United States Supreme Court Update

Crowd Management Control and Protecting Civil Rights

Tactical Operations Liability, Are you meeting the Requirements…?

Second Circuit Panel Allows Stun Gun Mode to Gain Compliance of Chained Protester

Detained For Search Warrant – How Far Is Too Far?

Electronic Control Devices- Where are we now?

Recording Police Officers – Just Say Cheese…

The Hiring Process: Timing Is (or Can Be) Everything – Eric P. Daigle, FBI-LEEDA Insighter, July 2011, Issue – I

Extigent Circumstances – What is that?: Kentucky vs. King

Taser – Training Bulletin 15.0 Taser Liability