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Video Evidence Admissibility – Do you see what I see?

Date TBA Do you see what I see? How much weight do you give to video evidence? Looking at video evidence does not mean that you will see all that the video has to offer. What is the purpose of video evidence and how can it be effectively used as evidence. How often have your heard command staff, other officers or even Judges say “I don’t need others to tell me what I and seeing.” Expert interpretation of video evidence is often required to evaluate and understand the images correctly. Relying on video evidence without expert interpretation risks the failure to reach the correct conclusions based on the evidence or worse, entering the wrong conclusions. Issues to consider in dealing with video:
  • What weight do we give to the video?
  • What are the benefits? Practical tool to document a version of events and transparency
  • What are the detriments? Understanding the capabilities of the evidence
  • What is the ugly? – Admissibility in Court as evidence

Daigle Law Group LLC is proud to continue the 2019 Legal/Policy Development Webinar Series. These seminars are designed to provide Department executives and those responsible for policy development with options and tools to ensure their policies are effective.

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