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United States Supreme Court Update 2019

The 2019 Supreme Court session provided multiple Law Enforcement related decisions that are important and interesting for everyday operations. This webinar will review six cases in which the Court addressed issues such as:

Mitchell v. Wisconsin: Is the administration of a blood test without a warrant on an unconscious drunk driving suspect reasonable under the 4th Amendment?

Nieves v. Bartlett: Does the existence of probable cause defeat a First Amendment retaliatory arrest case?

McDonough v. Smith: When does the statute of limitations begin to run on a constitutional claim that a state official used fabricated evidence to initiate and continue a criminal prosecution?

Jamal Knox v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (SCOTUS Declined Review): Are threats in Hip-Hop lyrics protected by the First Amendment?

Daigle Law Group LLC is proud to continue the 2019 Legal/Policy Development Webinar Series. These seminars are designed to provide Department executives and those responsible for policy development with options and tools to ensure their policies are effective.

These seminars are produced to provide general information on the topics presented. They are distributed with the understanding that the publisher (Daigle Law Group, LLC) is not engaged in rendering legal or professional services to those who participate in the seminar and receive information. Although these seminars are prepared by professionals, they should not be used as a substitute for professional services. If legal or other professional advice is required, the services of a professional should be sought.

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