Free Webinar: United States Supreme Court Update 2017-2018

Thursday September 6, 2018 – 1:00 PM EST

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Daigle Law Group, LLC is proud to continue the 2018 Fall Legal/Policy Development Webinar Series. These seminars are designed to provide Department executives and those responsible for policy development with options and tools to ensure their policies are effective.

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United States Supreme Court 2017 – 2018 Update (1.5 hours)
Thursday, September 6, 2018 – 1:00 PM EST

The 2018 Supreme Court session provided multiple Law Enforcement related decisions that are important and interesting for everyday operations. This webinar will review six cases in which the Court addressed issues such as:

District of Columbia v. Wesby: Whether officers had probable cause to arrest multiple partygoers in a vacant house for unlawful entry and whether the officers were entitled to qualified immunity because the law was not clearly established.

Kisela v. Hughes: Whether an officer was entitled to qualified immunity in a lawsuit where the plaintiff claimed the officer violated the Fourth Amendment by using excessive force when he shot her.

Byrd. v. United States: Whether the driver has a reasonable expectation of privacy in a rental car when he has the renter’s permission to drive the car but is not listed as an authorized driver on the rental agreement.

Collins v. Virginia: Whether a police officer could enter private property without a warrant or consent, approach a home and search a vehicle parked a few feet from the house under the automobile exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.

Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach, Florida: Whether the existence of probable cause defeats a First Amendment retaliatory-arrest claim as a matter of law.

Carpenter v. United States: Whether the Fourth Amendment requires the government to get a search warrant to obtain historical cell site location information from wireless carriers or if this information can be obtained by a court order under Section 2703(d) of the Stored Communications Act.

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Presented By: Attorney Eric Daigle

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Attorney Daigle specializes in Civil Rights litigation and Law Enforcement Operations Consultant. Attorney Daigle also conducts training across the Country on LE Operations. Attorney Daigle acts in his capacity as a Law Enforcement Consultant providing guidance and oversight to department command staff on policy development, operations, force response, and risk management.