Use of Force Summit 2019

DLG Use of Force Summit 2019

Why attend the Use of Force Summit?

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As a result of widely publicized use of force and deadly force incidents across the country, 2015-2019 have been challenging years for law enforcement. If your department were to come under the level of scrutiny we have seen this past year, would your use of force related policies, training, and operations hold up under the spotlight? The Use of Force Summit focuses on identifying proper legal and operational standards for use of force incidents, including the development of standard police practices for the use of force and force related policies.

Attendees at the DLG Use of Force Summit receive focused and contemporary training from the finest instructors in the Country on Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security force policies, training and investigation. Attendees receive firsthand knowledge and experience from experts in force related topics to enhance your agencies operations. Those who attend will experience intense focused training that can be used to enhance their agencies force policies, training and investigations. Outside the classroom you will have opportunities to meet and network with experts and vendors in the industry.

What You Should Expect:

  • Three (3) Days of intense learning from top expert instructors
  • Interaction with attendees from across the country who share ideas and lessons learned
  • Digital access to actionable sample policies, presentations, videos and handouts you can take back and share with your agency
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided daily
  • Invitation to our evening Social Networking Event (amenities included)
  • Training Certificate with hours at the conclusion of the Summit

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