Advanced IA Training Program – Registration

The DeSoto, Savannah, GA • January 13–17, 2020

Daigle Law Group LLC is proud to announce the new Advanced Internal Affairs Training Program. This program has a prerequisite of having attended any five-day Internal Affairs training programs within the last five years. This training is designed to engage the attendee’s knowledge and experience with conducting Administrative investigations. The Advanced IA Training program focuses on more complex issues, specifically the mechanisms to ensure supervisors are conducting effective and constitutional investigations. The training is valuable for not only those assigned to the Internal Affairs function but all supervisors. We welcome supervisors from Police, EMS, Fire, Corrections and Municipal Human Resource professionals.

The investigations that are the most challenging in the Administrative area today are those that involve sexual misconduct, hostile work environment claims and Use of Force, including OIS or in-custody deaths. The training will review recommendations for conducting an effective investigation including proper legal and operational standards. The focus is establishing an operationally sound manner to consistently investigate serious allegations of misconduct to ensure support of an effective discipline system. This will include legal analysis, collection and presentation of evidence, use of technology, video analysis, and testimony preparation. The week-long training will provide instruction, analysis and table-top exercises requiring students to work through challenging investigations.

Hotel Reservations: The DeSoto, 3-letter code for group rate is TIG.

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